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1. Q: Which types for memory modules according to the application environment?
  A: Unbuffered Non-EccDIMM  
    Unbuffered Ecc DIMM  
    Registered  DIMM  
    Fully Buffered DIMM  
2. Q: What information can you get from the bar code on the Ramaxel memory module?
  A: As follows:
3. Q: Why can`t my computer boot after module is inserted?
  A: 1.Please confirm the module is suitable for your computer.
    2.Power off the computer and re-install the module again.
3.Please try to change the order if more than one module is installed.
     4.Please try to install Ramaxel module only.
4. Q: There dark screen and buzzer screaming in the process of starting the PC, How to deal with it?
  A: A. Raising the memory module and reinsert it;
B. Cleaning the pin with the eraser or Industrial alcohol;
C. Cleaning the dust in the slot;
5. Q: The motherboard frequency just the 1066 is compatible, is the 1333 can be used?
  A: 1333 can be used for the frequency would be operated to 1066 automatically
6. Q: Is that normal if I install 4GB memory but system can only recognize about 3.2G capacity, why?
  A: It`s normal because when you install more than 1GB capacity, System resources (including ICH,AGP/PCI, etc) will re-map memory address from upper memory area to lower area, that`s why System always shows less than 1GB capacity.32 digital executive system memory module can only search address within 3.2Gso it cannot recognize 4GBwe advise you to update 64 digital executive system.
7. Q:
What`s the difference between a rank and a bank?
  A: According to JEDEC`s new definitions, a bank is a block of memory within a RAM chip while a rank is a block of memory on a module.
8. Q:
 What is Ecc Memory? How can I tell if a memory module is ECC RAM or non-ECC RAM?
  A: ECC stands for Error Correcting Code, which means the module can detect errors and repair them by itself. With ECC functionality, the computer system is more secure. Therefore, ECC modules are designed for workstations or servers.
9. Q: What is Dual Channel Memory? 
  A: Dual Channel DDR structure uses Twin Bank mode, and requires two memory modules plugged into the appointed DIMM slots in order to enable 2 Channel DDR.There is no such thing as Dual Channel DDR Memory Modules. Regular DDR is installed two modules at a time, each module controlled by a separate channel of the memory controller.
10. Q: What is the difference between DDR2 and DDR3 Memory?
Data transfer rate(Mbps)
CL(CAS Latency)
240 Pin DIMM
240 Pin DIMM
 How to disguise Registered internal memory and Unbuffered internal memory?
  A: Some controller of SDRAM internal memory are designed basing on memory modules to drive and synchronize the control signals. If chips of control signal are installed on memory modules, it is notified as Registered internal memory.
12. Q: How to now the amount of internal memory space in my system?
  A: Windows user - under "my computer" press the right button of mouse,choose "property". The total amount of internal memory space is shown in the "normal" option of systemic content.Mac user - choose "About This Mac" or "About This Computer" in the left front corner on the table. The total amount of internal memory space is shown there(internal memory chip including installed memory modules).
13. Q: Is it possible to increase running rate of my computer by increasing my internal memory?
increased internal memory can not increase the rate of CPU, but it can decrease time of CPU waiting to output datas from hard disk. RAM (random Memory Access) transmit datas to CPU rating more rapidly, decreasing time of program execution.
14. Q:
What is ESD
  A: ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is static electricity. The energy surrounding us in the air might damage electronic componentssuch as hard diskfloppy disk drivemain boardCPUmemory modules etc. When touches conductor, static electricity produce. To protect your memory moduleplease store in anti-static electric pack before using
15. Q:
May different spec modules be used together if not under the dual channel purpose?
  A: Using different spec modules together is not recommended, since the system might go wrong or not boot when BIOS detecting different SPD settings.
16. Q: What information should be provide If we need the warranty service
  A: Typically, you should include product identification information
    a).Part number
    b).Serial number
    c). Description of the problem
    d). Proof of the date of original retail purchase as evidence
17. Q: If the memory was scraped, can we obtain the warranty service
  A: Please visit the Warranty standard of Ramaxel.
18. Q: Can the dark spots or dust on pins be cleaned with naphtha or other cleanser?
  A: Usually, an eraser is good enough to clean the pins of dust or grime
     If you have any other question, you can Message or email to customer service team for help. Customer service mailbox: service@ramaxel.com

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